Service Learning

Date: 18th – 19th January 2019

Workshop Leader

Tara is the Director of and provides educational consulting, professional
development workshops, professional learning institutes, coaching, leadership strategic
planning, and resources for curriculum integration for meaningful service learning.

In her role as Service Learning Coordinator at AISJ in South Africa, she supports teachers in the development of sustainable service learning projects and curricular integration as a coach. Tara also leads the Pre-K-12 Service Learning Program at both campuses across 5 divisions.Tara has also been the Association of International Schools of Africa (AISA) Service Learning Programme Coordinator for the region.

Beyond her Bachelor of Education, Tara has a Master of Educational Leadership from Lehigh University (USA) and her Principals Training Certificate (PTC). She is an Understanding by Design (UbD) Trainer and enjoys practicing Cognitive Coaching.
Tara’s home is Australia, she has worked internationally for over 15 years in the Middle East, Asia, and is currently based in Africa.

Workshop Description

This workshop is designed to support the implementation of authentic Service Learning within schools FOR the development of responsible Global Citizens. Curriculum development using the 5 Service Learning Standards: Investigation, Planning and Preparation, Action, Reflection and Demonstration/ Communication (adopted by IBDP CAS) will be shared with engaging collaboration on service learning; models, resources, integrated service learning units, and instructional teaching strategies to help you successfully embed service learning at your school.

In this engaging two-day workshop participants will understand:
• Why students need access to opportunities where they can make meaningful connections and have an impact in the lives of others
• How students can apply what they learn in school and transfer their knowledge, skills and understandings, to meet the needs of the community “in the real world”

Audience: Teachers and Leaders in all schools.

Language: English.



Session One 8:30 – 10:0O
What is Service Learning? Why do it? (survey- need a device to complete)
Unpacking the 5 stages and service learning/global citizen concepts (part 1)


Session Two 10:30 – 12:00
Unpacking the 5 service learning stages (part 2) and standards and benchmarks for assessment. Types of curriculum, and examples of service learning will be shared.


Session Three 1:00 – 3:00
Units and Assessment of Service Learning and Global Citizens. What does it look like? How do we get started?


Session Four 8:30 – 10:0O
Service Learning integration into a current unit of inquiry (bring one unit with you) for meaningful integration


Session Five 10:30 – 12:00
Planning and Preparation-Selecting the right Partners and Collaboratives for sustainability through systems and reciprocity


Session Six 1:00 – 3:00
Reflection and goal setting- Developing a service learning framework for sustainability of the program